Saturday, October 9

a little Maltipoo named Elvis Lee

This blog is all about my little dog, Elvis Lee.  He's a Maltipoo which means he is half Maltese & half Poodle.  The technical term for this kind of mixed breed/designer dog - as some people call them - is F1 Maltipoo.  Which means his Mother (Dutchess a dark grey Poodle) and his Father (Mickey Mouse a Maltese) are both purebreeds. 

Elvis is my first dog & the love of my life.  He's my little baby boy, yes I am one of those people that love their dog like family.  I'm his Mommy and Dawn is his Mamma D.   Here are some pics...

Elvis Lee & I the night we brought him home at 8 weeks old.

Mamma D & her baby boy.

look at that face...he's such a little rascal.

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