Tuesday, October 26

Grandma Joyce gets Elvis dirty the day after his bath...aagghhh

woof woof, hello !

So we gave Elvis a much needed bath yesterday.  He gets one every week or two with special shampoo because he has outdoor allergies (pollens).  Our boy was nice & fresh & curly from the bath.  This morning, Grandma Joyce decides to take the little rascal for a walk...it's been raining...hard...lots of mud & dirt in the roads.  She let him romp through puddles & play in the grass. 

How does she clean him off?  She washes him off with a hose. LOL I don't think Elvis has ever been hosed off.  Then she dried him off (a little bit) and let him lose to run around the house.  No worries. He still smells good.

Grandma Joyce & Elvis Lee


  1. Yea, I have to lay the law down to my parents about common sense dog care things. Don't feed Lady cheerios, brush her a little when I've left you in charge and roll the ball for her when she is playful. They mean well, but they are the children now and I am the parent. Its weird, but it must be that way.

  2. I'm sorry to hear you are going through the role reversal...I know it happens with most parents/children. My Mother & I are only 19 years apart. Dad & I are 20 years apart. They are both in their late 60's & doing well.


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