Monday, October 18

do you have parties for your pets?

woof woof, hello. 

Elvis Lee & I are wondering, do you have parties for your pets?  We went to a birthday party for a Maltese friend of ours (Louie) a few years ago.  It was lots of fun. 

Elvis is going to be 5 years old this week.  We're not sure if we are just going to have the grandpuppy parents over or not.  What do you normally do for your furbabies birthdays? 


  1. No formal parties, but every trip to the dog park is like a slobbery Woodstock. That's party enough for us.....BOL

    Lady snores (I guess that's what you call the noise she makes). Hard to describe, a bit like listening to sounds from the netherworld.

    We are happy to discover your blog. Elvis Lee is sure a cute little guy.


    KT and Lady

  2. Thanks...I'm following your blog now. Lady is Beautiful !

  3. Absolutely! For Zen's first birthday I made him a chicken liver ice cream cake. I'll have to work on the recipe to make it palatable for humans, but he and his buddy Crab absolutely loved it. His second birthday is coming up, so I'll have to think of another fun treat for him.

  4. Lemur, Elvis said that sounds really yummy.

  5. You know I've never had a party for my dogs but I've always "meant" to. My dog Beba turns ten this upcoming March and I seriously think this is a big deal so I will make a festivity out of it.

    Yeah my friends will think I'm crazy but they already know that anyway so who cares. Our dogs are part of the family so party time! and woof woof.

  6. All 6 of my BIG fur babies celebrate each others birthdays right down to the hamburgers from Sonic. :)


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