Tuesday, October 26

Grandma Joyce gets Elvis dirty the day after his bath...aagghhh

woof woof, hello !

So we gave Elvis a much needed bath yesterday.  He gets one every week or two with special shampoo because he has outdoor allergies (pollens).  Our boy was nice & fresh & curly from the bath.  This morning, Grandma Joyce decides to take the little rascal for a walk...it's been raining...hard...lots of mud & dirt in the roads.  She let him romp through puddles & play in the grass. 

How does she clean him off?  She washes him off with a hose. LOL I don't think Elvis has ever been hosed off.  Then she dried him off (a little bit) and let him lose to run around the house.  No worries. He still smells good.

Grandma Joyce & Elvis Lee

Wednesday, October 20

Grandma Joyce & Grandpa Tom (are your pets your furbabies?)

woof woof, hello. 

I'm an only child & do not have any children of my own, by choice.  But that is not totally true because I have my dear little furbaby Elvis Lee. 

My parents, Joyce & Tom, have never been "dog people" & my father and I are both allergic to cats as well as some dogs.  When I got my Elvis (my first furbaby) they were a bit apprehsive. They live next door to us and I got comments like, "don't bring that dog over to our house" and "don't let him shit on the lawn".  Wouldn't you know, my baby Elvis has totally changed their minds about dogs. 

Elvis has such a charasmatic personality, everyone who meets him falls in love with him.  He's not a "one person dog", he loves everybody. Within 6 months my parents became "Grandma" and "Grandpa".  They now stop, pet and feed treats to every dog in the neighborhood.  If they are out & about and they see a dog, they stop to give the furbaby a pet.  It's amazing how one little 13 lb Maltipoo has completely reversed their view on dogs. 

Not only do they love him & shower him with affection, they look forward to "babysitting" him, and "sleepovers".  They now believe dogs have souls and go to heaven.  If they don't see him for 24 hours, they call me up & say "can we come visit Elvis?". Hey, what about me?  Don't you want to visit your daughter?  lol Elvis gets all their attention & kisses when they arrive.  A few minutes later, I get a hug and a kiss.  I'm okay with that.  It makes my heart so very happy that my parents love my little boy.  He's part of our family, now...forever...always. 

In your family, are your pets your furbabies?

Monday, October 18

do you have parties for your pets?

woof woof, hello. 

Elvis Lee & I are wondering, do you have parties for your pets?  We went to a birthday party for a Maltese friend of ours (Louie) a few years ago.  It was lots of fun. 

Elvis is going to be 5 years old this week.  We're not sure if we are just going to have the grandpuppy parents over or not.  What do you normally do for your furbabies birthdays? 

Friday, October 15

puppy snores...zzzzzzz

Puppy Snores. 

Elvis Lee will be 5 years old this month but he will always be my puppy.  His snores can be small & squeeky or loud like a lumberjack.  His snores may wake me up in the middle of the night sometimes but they always make me giggle. 

As I'm sitting here typing & drinking coffee, Elvis Lee is in "Graceland" (the name we gave his crate) snoring.  Sweet little snores.  Music to my ears. 

Do you have a pet that snores?

Saturday, October 9

a little Maltipoo named Elvis Lee

This blog is all about my little dog, Elvis Lee.  He's a Maltipoo which means he is half Maltese & half Poodle.  The technical term for this kind of mixed breed/designer dog - as some people call them - is F1 Maltipoo.  Which means his Mother (Dutchess a dark grey Poodle) and his Father (Mickey Mouse a Maltese) are both purebreeds. 

Elvis is my first dog & the love of my life.  He's my little baby boy, yes I am one of those people that love their dog like family.  I'm his Mommy and Dawn is his Mamma D.   Here are some pics...

Elvis Lee & I the night we brought him home at 8 weeks old.

Mamma D & her baby boy.

look at that face...he's such a little rascal.