Friday, November 26

Happy Thanksgiving

woof woof, hello. 

How was your Thanksgiving?  Ours was great.  We had 6 guests (including a sweet baby named Bryan Vinnie) in addition to D & me & Elvis Lee.  This year we bought a locally raised turkey.  It was perhaps the best turkey we've ever had.  Raised with no hormones, no steroids.  No added seasonings pumped into it.  It was delishious.

The weather were was in the low 70s and a bit overcast.  Some people up north said they had snow in NJ & PA.  How was your Thanksgiving?  Did you have show?

Enjoy your holiday weekend. 

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Wednesday, November 3

grooming your pet - DIY or go to a professional?

woof woof, hello.

Elvis is a Maltipoo, he does not shed, however his hair grows like human hair.  If we didn't trim it, it would drag on the floor.  My Elvis has once again transformed from being my sporty dog (short haircut) to becoming my little fluffy puppy (time for  a haircut). 

I'll make an appointment for Elvis to visit the "groomers house" next week.  I admit, Dawn & I tried our best to groom our dog...the results were choppy haircuts, crooked nails & frustration. We have a Wahl clipper/trimmer, pedi-paws, combs, brushes, scissors, nail clippers...A haircut & bath would take Hours.  Elvis would fuss a Lot & try to nip at us.  He's super sensitive about letting us groom his paws & legs. 

We finally gave up after about 3 years of trying to work through it with him.  He always gives me a sad look when I drop him off at the groomers..."Mommy don't leave me" is what he's saying to me via our Mommy/Baby mental telepathy.  When I return he's happy & handsome.  The groomer says he's always a good boy.  I wonder...

Elvis Lee looks so much better when groomed professionally, we're no longer stressed out about it & I treat myself to a movie or shopping while I'm waiting for him to be groomed. How about you?  Do you groom your dogs or do you bring them to the professionals? 

fluffy puppy

sporty dog

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